Booker T. Washington, We Appreciate

On March 27th, 2017, a student’s backpack was searched and a loaded gun was found. Said student ran away but officers from the NOD caught the student.  

It is all good and dandy that the news is covering things that could potentially cause fear to rise in the hearts of parents across the district. However, many students want to know one thing: where was our local news when we regained our accreditation? Only one article, upon a quick Google search, mentioned anything of our recent success, but did not specify which schools regained them. You can visit that article here.

The students here at Booker T. Washington High School wants our school to be recognized for more than just our few oddball students who get into trouble. Every school has some. And yet every school, aside from our own, gets recognition for its achievements and not it’s downfall. We at the Clarion News want to get something straight. 

Our school works hard. Our students work hard. And above all our teachers work hard. You can see the proof in our classes and hallways. 

One bad apple does not ruin the bunch.  


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