The Unanswered Question “WHY?” By Jasmin Moore

Cheating Men.

Us Women Getting Angry,

And Have to count to ten/

Hiding things from us and

Not giving a s***.

Now we Kim Possible

Asking, “What’s the Stitch?”

They Lie.

Asking him can he stay?

But WHY?

Us women get treated so wrong,

But they wouldn’t understand/

But only in gangsta songs.

N***** be so blind.

That they can’t see our signs

Saying we can start a family,

But I’m still saying WHY?

Eyes rolled to the back of my head,

While my eyeballs disconnecting from my brain,

As Men Plead

Asking us women not to leave.

Can’t see how y’all do it,

Knowing us women is crazy and will have a fit



Never solve anything.

But it’s funny how y’all come back.

That’s real touching

But Why?

Cheating on a good person;

Is like throwing away a diamond and picking up a rock.

Thought I was the one and only.

Thought we was best friends.

Turns out I was just his next victim

But it seems like us women will never understand.

Late night texting.

Late night creeping.

N***** always disrespecting.

Not taking the time to show us women;

No love and Affection

Looked at me dead in the ye

And lied.


Cheating is a choice;

Not a mistake.

A choice that can get you men replaced.

How my heart feel?



I never thought I would see another day.

“Why?” You Asked?

I don’t know.

Us women don’t deserve nothing like this.

Now us strong women is forbidden,

All I know

this is just the beginning.

Wanting us to take you cheating men back.


Hell no.

That question can never be answered

Because us women is so insecure.

Now believing and trusting another men

Will never happen again.

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