Seth Spencer

My name is Seth and I do stuff on this site. I’ve somehow survived the last 16 years and am currently enrolled as a junior in BTW. I thought Rhiannon’s goal of giving the school a better reputation was pretty righteous, so I decided to help out a bit.

The basics of what makes me ‘me’ are:

  • My love for food, drinks, and candy
  • My inability to compose a coherent thought prior to 10 AM
  • My hate for anyone who mixes peanut butter and chocolate
  • My love for animals of all kind
  • And my disdain for any temperature between 30 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit

Most of what I do is reading or playing games, but when I’m not doing that, I’m usually conducting independent studies on music and art composition, practicing Java and C++, eating, cooking, sleeping, drawing, crafting, and bonding with my parakeets and dog.

I think rules are for the weak and care little for deadlines or goals, but I have a heavy conviction that all promises should be kept and try my best to make sure my word retains value. At the moment, I’m not too sure that The Clarion will take off as well as we want it to, but I’m sure we can figure some way to make it work.


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