Hi there! My name is Rhiannon Smith and I am the Chief Editor for this website. I’m currently 17 years old, a senior, and super excited to get to work with my fellow classmates on this awesome new project! 16229330_1749208758728965_2238574153386950656_n1

I thought that creating this website and keeping the people informed on who we are and what we do, might help to alleviate Booker T. Washington High School of her “bad reputation.”

Let me tell you a little bit about myself:

  • I have been accepted into ODU and hope to attend in the fall of 2017.
  • My dream is to become a Criminal Profiler for the FBI.
  • I have three younger sisters and no older ones. They are 15, 11, and 4. Their names are Genevieve, Lexi and Sophia. fb_img_148570089045420151222_17431615251853_123991291419630_6670018493393403904_n1







  • I once fell in love with a girl from my church, named Sarah Michelle Peterson. You can find her foundation here and help to support suicide prevention! fb_img_1465440848124





  • I also have a dog. He is the love of my life and my pride and joy.20170105_173618


  • My absolutely amazing best friends are Jazmin (whom is the bestest friend I have ever had), Garrett, Ian and Zenea. They’ve been through so much with me and I love them so much.

screenshot_20170121-175622  snapchat-312634948  screenshot_20170123-092936 screenshot_20170126-221414

I love the people in my lives and I am so grateful for everything that they have gone through with me. I am so happy and glad to
be alive today.


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